Precision Waxing
Precision Waxing

Precision Waxing

This is a semi permanent removal of hair and lasts 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth rate. We use a combination of hot hard wax, for sensitive areas and warm strip wax for your comfort. Then soothing anti-septic after-wax lotion containing tea tree to prevent ingrowing hairs.


Eyebrow wax £7.99
Chin wax £5.49
Upper lip wax £5.50
Upper lip and chin £9.99
Face wax £11.99
Half leg £13.99
Three quarter leg £16.99
Full leg £19.99
Forearm £8.99
Full arm £11.99
Underarm £9.99
Chest wax £19.99
Back wax £19.99
Back and chest £34.99

Specialist Bikini Waxing

No more tears waxing! Using the latest Harley hot wax without the worry of skin irritation, even on the most sensitive areas!

British Bikini £12.99
(Landing strip, as thorough as you like)
(All off, as thorough as you like)


 Eyebrow £9.99
 Upper lip £6.99
 Chin £6.99

Threading is an ancient eastern art of hair removal. After repeated treatments hair can become finer and the speed of regrowth decreases.

We will leave you feeling smooth and silky.