Nail enhancements

Nail Extensions

Full set French tips (1 Hour)
(white tips with pink acrylic overlay)
Natural tips (1 Hour)
(natural tip with pink acrylic overlay)
Pink & white acrylic tips (90 Min)
(natural tips with pink & white acrylic overlay)
Sculptured acrylic extensions (90 Min)
(acrylic built up over natural nail. Ideal for biters!)
Acrylic overlays (1 Hour)
(acrylic applied over natural nail)
Sculptured Acrylic Stiletto Nails (90 Min+)
(As long as you like)
Infills gel/acrylic (1 Hour) £21.99
Re‐white acrylic (90 Min) £27.99
Soak/file off & mini manicure (1 Hour) £19.99
Nail repairs (per nail)
Acrylic nails are at least 4 times stronger than natural nails. However if banged very hard, they may split or break. We guarantee the nails for 48 hours but if they break before this time we will repair them free of charge.
Mani-Q, Opi, Gel 2, Shellac on hands or toes         
A flexible long lasting alternative to nail polish with no damage to natural nail.
Rock Star Glitter Nails for Hands or Toes    
(your choice of coloured glitter, applied over any colour Gel polish then encased in a gel topcoat)
Gel polish over acrylic 
Rock star over acrylic
Nail polish over acrylic



Nail Art

Freehand painting, diamantes, Swarovski Crystals and a wide range of styles and colours.

Diamantes/stamps/foils from £0.50
Freehand design (per nail) from £1.00
Swarovski Crystals            from £1.00

Minx nails, the celebrities choice!

A long lasting solid film applied to fingers or toes by infra red lamp with a variety of styles, colours & patterns.

Minx hands from £20.00
Minx toes from £24.99